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Darth Vader » Chestbox Rods ANH


DV Chest Box Aluminium Rods ANH version"


These are a perfect Piece to complete your DV Chest Box Costume

This Piece are perfect Screen Accurate based on the ROTS version , maked by hand for my expert workshop (like the originals one)

Maked on First quality Machined Aluminium ready to attach at main with screw systems (We donīt use second class or any cheap material)

The set include two (2) rods : Left and Right

Each rods has screws at the back, and the bottom part of the rod enters into the brass ends and the screw attach both pieces thogether making imposible to turn or disalign!!

If you have any question , please consult us : customersupport@evolutiontoys.com.ar

The design is an original design by Evolution ... based on tons of Reference Material collected across the years , consultations with the biggers icons on props ... For all that we can assure that this you obtaining the most exact replica .

Price: u$s46 - PRE-ORDER

Construction Time after payment is recived: 15 days (*)

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Shipping and Handling To:

USA/America Europe Rest of the world
u$s 9.11 u$s 11.99 u$s 12.99

PayPal system don't permit to do this automated.
(*) Working Days / If you order any Tailored Costume remember that we must recive the payment and the sizes to start the construction.

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